Residential Security Systems in Casper & Sheridan, WY

Residential Security Systems in Casper & Sheridan, WY

There are ways to go about finding the best security contractor for you. Ask your friends, family, neighbors or insurance agent for referrals. Don't forget to ask about an insurance discount for having a monitored security system in your home or business. Call several companies and ask if their employees are trained and/or certified by a nationally recognized entity like ESA (Electronic Security Association) or the system's manufacturer. Check how often drug tests and background checks are performed. Ask the company for proof of applicable state and/or local licenses. When a representative is at your door, ask for company identification.

Avoiding the wrong security company is equally important. Some alarm companies may not sufficiently certify their technicians or have the correct state licenses so make sure to check before signing any contract.

Beware of high pressure door-to-door salespeople, for two main reasons: one, some are not salespeople at all. They're just impersonators trying to find out about any existing alarm system you have, possibly casing your home for a burglary. Two, some use a tactic called "slamming": the salesperson falsely tells you that your current alarm company has gone out of business and has passed your account on to another firm. (Guess whose?) Fall for this one and you can be saddled with double billing, higher service fees and hassles when you wise up and try to cancel the new provider. Agents may offer "free" equipment, in exchange for allowing their company sign on your front lawn. Typically this involves signing a long-term contract that involves highly inflated monthly charges.

ComTronix can provide you with a free estimate and have several options available. Our monitoring rates are competitive, and we offer easy-to-use systems we can design for you as well as package deals with all budgets in mind. Also, with a properly equipped system, fire, carbon monoxide, water and temperature reporting are available.

We offer the ability to access your system remotely over the internet or from your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or other internet-enabled device. The panel's user-friendly LCD Touch-Screen allows easy access to multiple security and home automation controls and can also allow you two-way voice capability with the optional module.

When the system is monitored by our remote Monitoring Station, Two-Way Response can allow operators to talk directly to you when a signal is received, and emergency personnel will be quickly dispatched if necessary.