Monitoring Services in Casper & Sheridan, WY

In addition to providing a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential special systems, ComTronix also offers the 24-hour monitoring of these systems. Our monitoring services use the latest, most state-of-the-art technology available. When a signal is received, operators answer promptly and can notify you by phone, text and/or email at the moment events are occurring, giving you real-time response. Operators adhere to a high standard of service, using correct procedures and impeccable data entry, as well as speed, accuracy, and courtesy. Our central station is UL listed, fully redundant, and located in the Rocky Mountain region.

The different types of 24-hour monitoring services we offer are:

-Commercial Fire
-Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)
-Senior Watch with Voice Communication
-Open/Close Reporting Service
-Supervised Open/Close Reporting Service (you will be notified when the system is not armed or disarmed within your specified time window)
-Latch-key Service (notifies you when a user enters or leaves)

With each of these services, we use redundant monitoring centers within the Rocky Mountain region and the west, which are geographically separated from each other, providing continual service during natural disasters and other events.

You can view our UL Certificates by clicking below:

1.   Avant Guard, ID: Click Here
2.   Avant Guard, Ogden, UT: Click Here
3.   Avant Guard, Cedar City, UT: Click Here
4.   Central Security, CO:Click Here

You can log in to view your Monitored Account by clicking here, or call toll-free (855) ALM-ACCT or (855) 256-2228 to put your account into test mode or contact the central station. (Have your account number and pass code ready.)