CCTV / Surveillance in Casper & Sheridan, WY

Closed-circuit television systems became available in the U.S. in 1949 to record the launch and flight of rockets for troubleshooting malfunctions. Now this type of system is being used world-wide for surveillance in public places, from parking lots and fuel stations to banks and city centers. Capturing and reviewing recorded events can be a very effective tool in limiting losses and can aid in the apprehension of suspects.

The key to effective surveillance is to use the appropriate number and style of cameras in the most advantageous places, and the ability to retrieve useable video from such equipment. Using one camera for a large space, for example, will not always provide the clear picture needed to identify all subjects. To ensure that you have the right recorders, cameras, and correct placement of cameras, enlist the aid of a design specialist. He or she can help you decide which equipment would be most beneficial to your application.

Our own design specialists can easily create a design specific to your needs and preferences. ComTronix is an authorized Panasonic Security Systems Group dealer. Panasonic is a leader in the CCTV system surveillance industry and is constantly developing new and innovative CCTV products. Systems can be designed for your business or home around your application and may include any combination of cameras, monitors, DVR's (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR's (Network Video Recorder).

We have installed systems in convenience stores, schools, manufacturing facilities, banks, credit unions, residences and various other sites where there is concern to monitor customer or employee activities and safety. Systems can be installed in the open or covertly, depending upon the application. With the advent of DVR's, systems can be monitored or controlled locally or remotely via the customer's network and a high speed Internet connection.